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Resolution, Solution Make or Break Ur Year…

Within minutes or days into the new year, we can’t avoid the “What’s your New Year’s Resolution” question. And let’s be honest, with life taking a surprising swing every once in awhile we often lose sight of the promise we’ve made to ourselves and fall short of achieving it.

But let’s not let past failure discourage us from a fresh new resolution. Each year it’s a new chance to make good to ourselves, and this time let’s make it stick. Here’s how we’ll do it;

  1. Be realistic.
    First and foremost, be realistic about the goals you’re setting on yourselves. Know within you that it is something you can achieve within the time frame and around your daily duties.
  2. Check-points.
    Be sharp and focus. Set check-points or stages throughout the year to reassess your current standing. Ideally, checkpoint yourself every 3 to 4 months. This should encourage and motivate you to work towards the months.
  3. Treat yourself.
    Along with self discipline, it’s important to love yourself. Buy yourself that gadget you’ve been eying for month, go for a spa day, or take a trip out of town. Just give yourself a good day, a day you can look back on and feel content.
  4. Stay positive.
    Most important of all, keep the positive flowing. Remember the reasons for your resolutions, all the work already invested in it and pick yourself up from the slump. Sometimes its hard to stay positive, and when you hit that rock bottom days, the best solution is to sleep it off and wake up with a renewed spirit. Wake up and look determination in the eye, and go for it.

Here’s wishing all of us success in our resolutions, be it small or big ones. Self improvement and reinvention begins today!